RPI Quantity Surveyors: Quantity Surveyors that are Responsible, Professional and guided by Integrity.

RPI is an undisputable leader in the Quantity measurement profession. Our biggest advantage comes in the form of our specialized knowledge, unavailable in most companies, at any stage of a project construction. We provide specialized skills in quantity surveying, measurement services and on-site QS support.
We offer the following unique values that are enshrined in our company name itself:

Responsibility: We understand that we carry a huge responsibility in the success of a large construction project. Our staff is well-trained supported by proven processes. We have inculcated a culture of responsibility and accountability amongst our teams.

Professionalism: We know that our skills are our Raison d’être.  We take every precaution to hone our skills to perfection and learn continuously from our experience so that all our clients can safely depend on our data. Our teams act in the best interest of the client in an independent and objective manner.

Integrity: We cherish Integrity as the guiding principle behind all our decisions and actions. We place a premium on trust that we have painstakingly built over the past 26 years through our honest efforts. We take pride in and protect our reputation at all costs.